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Our strategy

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Read about our mission, vision and strategy for Nottinghamshire.

Our vision for Nottinghamshire

Our vision is for a beautiful and thriving Nottinghamshire countryside that enriches all our lives. For us the ‘countryside’ is about more than rurality, it is about the natural outdoor spaces all around us, from ‘pocket parks’ to ancient woodland.

Our Nottinghamshire mission

Our mission is to work hard to enhance, promote and protect the Nottinghamshire countryside, and the ability of local communities to enjoy and value the natural world.  We know that we cannot do this alone and we shall work with other organisations, businesses and communities in Nottinghamshire.  We will run innovative projects to demonstrate good practice and do research and run campaigns. We will evaluate our work, share our findings and act on insights to inform future activities.

Our strategic aims

  1. Connect people and countryside
  2. Promote rural life
  3. Empower communities
  4. Grow our capacity

1. Connect people and countryside

We want the Nottinghamshire countryside to enrich people’s lives and for far more people to understand and enjoy it.  We want people to access the countryside that Nottinghamshire has to offer, including our country parks and to benefit from it.  Countryside near to Nottingham and other towns is at risk of being degraded or built on.

The national CPRE objectives are:

  • More locally valued landscapes and green spaces are enhanced and protected
  • More people having a better experience of and benefiting from countryside near to them, particularly those not benefiting now
  • Efficient use of land, particularly in urban and suburban areas, and more land dedicated to green space and nature.
  • A planning system and legislation that delivers the right development in the right place

Our actions to connect people and the countryside

In line with the national CPRE objectives, CPRE Nottinghamshire will seek promotion, enhancement and better protection of the distinctive Nottinghamshire countryside, campaigning at a local level, and engaging with other local groups seeking to protect and enhance the Nottinghamshire countryside.

2. Promote rural life

We want communities in Nottinghamshire to be vibrant, with mixed age populations, local jobs and local accessible services. We support affordable housing, particularly social housing and housing for the elderly and disabled, located near transport and other facilities. We want new housing to have health, social care and educational provision, plus cycle and pedestrian routes linking to local transport hubs and facilities..  To help to combat climate change, we support more sensitively located renewable energy, including community energy, plus energy-efficient homes and buildings. We oppose fracking and excessive mineral extraction.  We support increasing waste reduction and recycling and the prevention of litter.

The national CPRE objectives are to achieve:

  • A shared vision for a sustainable rural economy in which all communities can thrive
  • Rural infrastructure and services – including housing, transport and public spaces – that meet the needs of their communities and secure a healthy environment
  • New and sustainable models of farming and better environmental land management
  • A low carbon countryside that mitigates and adapts to the impacts of the climate emergency

Our actions to promote rural life

In line with national CPRE objectives, we will work for a planning system that protects and enhances the Nottinghamshire countryside as well as achieving positive outcomes for people, the economy and the environment; and national policy which supports realistic housing targets and local plans.

3. Empower communities

We shall engage with communities to involve more people in improving their local environment through volunteering and local action.

The national CPRE objectives are to achieve:

  • A more diverse volunteer base for local CPREs through a comprehensive volunteering programme.
  • Practical and innovative ways for people to enjoy, promote, enhance and protect their countryside.
  • Stronger, skilled communities and local partners having a greater say in and securing better results for their environment.
  • A collaborative, effective national and local countryside campaigning network.

Our actions to empower communities

In line with the national CPRE objectives, CPRE Nottinghamshire will support local community initiatives; increase volunteer numbers and offer support and training for volunteers.

4. Grow our capacity

We shall bring together a larger and more diverse group of people in Nottinghamshire who share our belief in a countryside for all. This will increase our resilience, income and capacity.

The national CPRE objectives are to achieve:

  • a greater number of supporters who better represent the country as a whole
  • long-term growth and diversification of income
  • a high-performing, cost-effective and flexible organisation that best supports our work
  • new and creative ways of communicating that increase our profile and engagement with our cause.

Our actions to grow our capacity

In line with national CPRE objectives, we will ensure that CPRE Nottinghamshire is a well-managed and resourced branch by increasing our membership and training and supporting staff and members; maintaining good governance and financial management; and communicating effectively with local audiences.