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Better places to live

Abigail Oliver

Places to live that are good for people and nature.

The places we live should provide us with access to everything we need for a good quality of life. It’s just common sense.

What gets built and where

Encouraging local planning authorities to build better.

We submit comment on District Local Plans, particularly encouraging development on brownfield sites and the use of better building standards. We want to see more affordable homes being built rather than executive houses with numerous rooms. We do not need more greenfield allocated for expensive homes. Existing planning permissions should be used first.

This factsheet with a housing design audit of the East Midlands shows that there is a real need for better housing design.

Homes people can afford

We all have the right to a home we can afford to live in, wherever we are.

We want everyone in the countryside to have a fair chance in life, whatever their circumstances. To make this a reality, we need to ensure there are enough low cost homes to rent or buy in our villages and market towns.

We have organised a conference for local decision makers, to encourage them and to offer practical advice. We want to continue to persuade local decision makers to take initiatives that result in affordable homes being built in the right places.

The countryside next door

Our countryside is closer than you think.

We all feel better when we have access to fresh air, peace and quiet and a space to unwind.

We’re working to protect and enhance the Green Belts and local countryside that give our towns and cities room to breathe, providing green spaces for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.