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Awards Update July 2021

We love rewarding the efforts of people and communities in enhancing our countryside and protecting the environment. While, our awards are currently under review, here’s a bit about what we’ve done so far.

Until the coronavirus pandemic CPRE Nottinghamshire ran three award schemes:

  1. The Best Kept Village competition
  2. The Valerie Gillespie Award
  3. The Harry Johnson Award.

We’re currently reviewing these schemes, with a view to placing greater emphasis on community involvement in a living countryside.

The Best Kept Village Competition is an annual event designed to award the villages that have made the most of themselves during the year.  There are prizes for the best village in each of four categories by size of village and a prize of £1000 for the overall winner.  All of this has been made possible in the past by generous sponsorship by Mr Tony Wilkinson, but we are now looking for a new sponsor.

The Valerie Gillespie Award is for the best community project to improve the local environment.

The Harry Johnson Award is a biennial award held in conjunction with the Nottinghamshire Building Preservation Trust to find the best restoration of a building or the best new build.