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Hedge fund: CPRE unveils groundbreaking hedgerow research

Lewis Townsend
By Lewis Townsend
6th September 2021

A new report by national CPRE investigates the huge environmental and economic benefits of hedgerows – and shows that boosting them by 40% would create 25,000 jobs over the next 30 years and yield almost £4 for every £1 invested.

The new research, undertaken independently by the Organic Research Centre, is laid out in a report published today: ‘Hedge fund: investing in hedgerows for climate, nature and the economy‘.

This report will be presented in parliament to urge the government to set a target to increase the hedgerow network by 40% by 2050. This is a target recommended by the climate change committee – a win-win-win for climate, nature and the economy.

You can find out more about the initiative here, and also check out what a local Nottinghamshire resident has been doing to combat hedgerow loss here.