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Helping the Hedgerow Cause

Lewis Townsend
By Lewis Townsend
18th August 2021

CPRE is campaigning for the government to set a target to increase the UK’s hedgerow network by 40% by 2050.   Hedgerows encourage wildlife and make a significant contribution towards fighting climate change.

One of our CPRE Nottinghamshire members has made his own contribution to increasing the hedgerow numbers by putting up 100 yards of hedge over recent months.

Here’s a picture of the latest bit of hedge when planted by Edward Compton:

The hedge is at the new carpark behind the Edingley Old Schoolroom, which was restored as a community hall for the village a few years ago.  The restoration won a CPRE Notts award for community achievement,  The hedge was caught  on camera just with a sprinkle of winter snow that outlines the shape.

The new hedge is a native mixture of Holly, Hazel and Quickthorn (or Hawthorn).  The remains of an old hedge, overmature thicker stems were cut out leaving narrower stems for the pleaching and laying over. Plenty of Hazel stems were available from the Edward’s own woodland coppice to do a classic binder along the top, which is pleasingly aesthetic as well as stabilising the whole hedge while it reshapes.  It has survived intact and now looks well re-established.

Look out for an update in Autumn!